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Retail technology needs great product data

Attracting and converting users requires great product quality product data to work well. Bad product data won't let retailer technology shine like it can.

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You have some amazing technology

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But poor product data keeps letting you down

Similar.ai understands products

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What makes us different?

  • Universal

    We can understand any product catalogue, no matter the format.

  • Human level accuracy

    We understand product pages or whole catalogues just like users.

  • High value labels

    Pique Pink Sunbleached Pink Rugger Sunbleached Sunbleached Rugger Gant Gant Gant Pique Pique We've focused on the things people search for the most in clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, furniture and things you buy for your home. And we're continually expanding into new domains and new trends.

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Imagine a product catalogue without understanding and another with

Without product understanding, retail tech

Sunbleached Gant Rugger Pique Pique Rugger Sunbleached Sunbleached Gant Pink Pink Pique Gant Just matches strings of characters. Very quickly.

Doesn’t read text but looks for similar strings.

Claims to work in any domain. But actually understands all domains equally poorly.

With Similar.ai product understanding

  • Understands what products look like.
  • Speaks the same language as you and your customers.
  • Understands the words people use to describe products they want to buy.

Pink Pique Rugger Gant Sunbleached Pique Sunbleached Rugger Sunbleached Pink Pique Gant Gant Never worry about poor quality product data

We take care of your product data to let your technology shine.

Meaningful search results
Q: How is this different?

A: Similar.ai understands your products: what they look like and how users describe them. Our deep learning technology labels your products with the words users use. This enables your SEO, navigation, search and business intelligence software to deliver more meaningful results.

Deep learning trained by passionate people
Q: Isn't everyone doing deep learning these days?

To really understand what you sell, we needed to pair our expertise in image recognition, NLP and search with an enormous clean labeled set of data. Our training set contains millions of clothes, jewellery, bags, shoes and other things people wear, all carefully labelled and enriched by people passionate about the kinds of products you sell, just like you.

Human understanding at web scale
Q: How do you scale?

We're built from the ground up to work at web scale. Similar.ai is already running on collections with millions of items.

Want to see some real results?

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