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1981 Dec;12(12):1107-13.


In 1971, on the basis of the unusual clinical and epidemiologic characteristics of hepatitis B virus, we postulated the existence of a class of viruses that we termed Icrons. An increased understanding of the molecular biology of hepatitis B virus resulted in the discovery, by Summers and his colleagues, of the woodchuck hepatitis virus. This virus is common in the North American woodchuck (Marmota monax) and is associated with primary cancer of the liver in this animal. Subsequently similar viruses were found in Beechey ground squirrels in California by Marion and her coworkers and domesticated (Pekin) ducks from the United States by Mason and his coworkers. In the latter the virus infects the liver and presumably is associated with disease of this organ. The discovery of additional viruses similar to hepatitis B virus in animals other than man and their association with cancer of the liver encourages the continuing search for other virus-cancer associations for which prevention methods might be effective.

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